Teeth Whitening in Mobile AL

Teeth Whitening in Mobile, AL

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure to remove stains and discoloration from teeth. Teeth whitening does not involve any restorative procedures. Instead, the procedure focuses on improving the coloring of teeth, making them look whiter and brighter. It is a common procedure and can be done in a dentist’s office in less than an hour.

Types of Teeth Whitening

  • Professional Teeth Whitening
  • Over-the-counter Teeth Whitening Products
  • At-home Teeth Whitening

Glo Professional Teeth Whitening

At Azalea Road Dental, we use Glo professional teeth whitening system. Glo professional teeth whitening involves the use of a scientifically formulated, pH-balanced hydrogen peroxide whitening gel applied to the teeth and activated by light to produce a gentle warming sensation to brighten the teeth. 

The Glo whitening mouthpiece makes use of a patented combination of controlled warming heat and light technology that speeds up the whitening process, helping in achieving the best results comfortably, safely, and without any pain. The total procedure takes only 16 minutes, and the treatment can whiten the teeth up to 12 shades without causing any teeth sensitivity.

Benefits of Glo Whitening

The major benefits offered by Glo whitening as compared to other teeth whitening treatments are the following:

  • The procedure can be completed in 16 minutes, which means 1/3 the chair time compared to other teeth whitening treatments.
  • No teeth sensitivity
  • Best results - brighten teeth up to 12 shades
  • No Impressions or customized whitening trays are required.
Glo Whitening

Professional vs. Home Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening is safer and more effective than do-it-yourself whitening kits. At-home whitening kits often contain abrasive ingredients that can irritate the soft tissue in the mouth, causing pain or gum recession. Furthermore, over-the-counter products typically contain less of the whitening ingredient that dentists use.

Furthermore, dentists have access to stronger whitening solutions than are available to consumers. Your dentist may provide you with custom-fitted whitening trays that will hold the whitening solution against the teeth more effectively than store-bought trays.

Maintaining Your Whiter Smile

When you decide to get your teeth whitening treatment, it’s helpful to know that you don’t have to wait weeks to see results. In fact, you’ll probably notice a difference after just one treatment! And, beyond simply whitening, you can also keep up your results with proper maintenance and oral hygiene habits. 

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